January 2019

ICF-Long Island President’s Message January 2019

As the new year of 2019 is underway, it is my honor as President of the Long Island Charter Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF-Long Island) to share some thoughts about where we are, as a chapter, and what we aspire to accomplish over the coming year.

We have several changes on our Board, so I first want to thank those Board Members who have served us with great dedication over the past years and have now stepped off the Board: John Little, who served as Membership Director; Mindy Stern, who served as Public Relations Director; and Ronit Hakimi, who served as Treasurer. And I want to thank our new Board Members for making the commitment to serve: Trillium Fox, our current Membership Director; and Maria Jackson, our new Treasurer. In addition, Joshua Lissauer, who has been our Chapter Secretary for several years has switched “hats,” and will now be taking on the responsibilities of Chapter Public Relations Director. Filling out our current Board are Lois Cooper and Trisha Kusinitz, our Co-Directors of Programming, and Maribeth Kraus, who, as Immediate Past-President, has continued to share her experience and expertise with me (and the rest of the Board) during my tenure as President.

I am extremely grateful to all our past and current Board Members. The success of our Chapter is dependent on all of our members, but those members who “step up” to serve as Board Members are absolutely essential for everything we do to represent professional psychology here on Long Island.

By the way, we are still looking to fill the position of our Chapter Secretary. So please consider taking on this position. If you are an ICF-Long Island member who feels an internal “call” to play a more direct role in determining the future of our chapter and our profession, please let me know, and we can discuss specifics of the job. Thanks.

The Board met virtually during the first week of the new year for our first Strategic Planning session. One result of that meeting is that we have created a new Mission Statement:

Provide a community for Long Island’s Professional Coaches to connect, learn and grow, while also enhancing the visibility, value, and credibility of professional coaching throughout our region as guided by ICF standards.” (Thanks to Maribeth and Trisha for crafting the wording.)

We will be starting each monthly meeting with a reading of our Mission Statement, and we will strive to adhere to the basic components of our mission throughout the coming year.

We have begun planning several initiatives to promote the connection between members of the coaching community, and with other professional groups who share related goals with us, and to increase the public’s awareness and understanding of the value of professional coaching for individuals and organizations, here on Long Island. We will be reaching out to explore partnerships with other professional groups, including SHRM and ATD LI (with whom we shared a wonderful Holiday event which included a panel discussion of our synergies), and are planning an educational program about coaching for graduate students in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology programs at Hofstra University. We will be looking to link with not-for-profit organizations whose members might benefit from our providing pro bono coaching services. We will also be exploring opportunities to connect with more coaches on Long Island, including reaching out to folks out East via “Coach Cafes.”

All of these initiatives require lots of outreach and planning. Accordingly, we want to engage more of our members, those not serving on the Board, to join with our Board Members to work together as committee members, geared to developing and implementing the steps necessary for us all to reach out to other coaches and to individuals and organizations in the Long Island community who would benefit from what we, as professional coaches, have to offer.

I also want to give special kudos to Josh Lissauer, who has fully embraced his new role as Public Relations Director by emphasizing the role of social media in spreading the reach of our messaging to our members and the public as a whole. By the way, Josh will also be representing ICF-Long Island at the upcoming Global Leadership Conference of the International Coach Federation being held this year in Dublin, Ireland, during March.

The International Coach Federation, ICF-Long Island, and the profession of coaching have been too much of a “well-kept secret” for most people for far too long. We want to change that as we believe deeply in the amazing power that professional coaching holds for improving our world and the lives of so many people who we are motivated and, as ICF coaches, very well trained to serve. Please join us during this coming year as we strive to fulfill our Mission and achieve our goals. We welcome and embrace you in this exciting endeavor.

Thank you!

Marc Miller, Ph.D., ACC
President, ICF-Long Island