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 – Newly published research on professional coaching shows coaching is growing globally. Information just released from the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study commissioned by the International Coach Federation (ICF) shows an estimated 47,500 professional coaches worldwide

The newly released figure–the most accurate estimation of the total number of coaches in the world–is a significant increase over the results of the 2007 ICF Global Coaching Study which estimated 30,000 professional coaches worldwide.

“The study shows that people everywhere are turning to professional coaching for the positive difference it can make in their lives and communities,” said ICF President and Master Certified Coach Janet M. Harvey. “ICF is committed to ensuring that consumers of coaching get the quality of coaching they deserve.”

Corresponding to professional coaching’s growth; study results show that during the last 12 months, coaches have seen a significant rise in the number of clients they service. According to responses, nearly 60 percent of coaches said they had experienced an increase in clients. Data also shows increases in the amount of coaching sessions being given and in the annual income received from coaching services.

In addition, more than three out of four coaches reported that they expect the increases in clients and annual revenue to continue in the coming year. Roughly 62 percent of coaches also expect their number of coaching sessions to increase.

“Amidst the current global financial crisis, coaches everywhere are still seeing an increase in clients and coaching generated income,” explained Harvey. “What is also especially encouraging, results show that these current trends are expected to rise even more.”