The Coaching circlE

Our Coaching Circle is a peer-to-peer coaching experience that we offer twice each year:

November -February  and April - July

ROUND 18  ...  April - July  2020

Registration:  Monday March 23  thru   Sunday March 31


Benefits of Participation

  • Improves your own coaching.
  • Provides you professional-level coaching from  others in the ICF Long Island community.
  • Gives us all more coaching experience.
  • Provides  Paid Coaching Hours  toward an ICF credential.
  • Exposes you to different models and styles of coaching.


  • Round-Robin structure.
  •  A coach > B |  B coach > C | C coach > A
    avoids 2 people coaching each other at the same time.
  • Each round includes eight coaching hours
  • Each pair 
    • decides how many sessions in 8 hours
    • sets their own schedule
  • Duration is  3-4 months depending on the schedule each coaching pair establishes.

How it Works

  • Register for the current Round
  • Receive list of coach-client pairing  with contact info
  • Client contacts the coach to agree their schedule


  • You are a Chapter Member or  Affiliate
  • You've completed a Coach Training program
  • You've submitted the name of the training org.

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Coaching Circle Agreement

By participating in the Coaching Circle you agree to the following:

1. Coaches adhere to a strong code of confidentiality. This is real coaching not "role play" and as Coaches we are not permitted to share anything about our Clients with others. This is a legal matter for us Coaches and it is also a personal matter when we are coaching friends and colleagues with whom we share our Chapter community. (See note on ICF Certification below.)

2. Coaching assignments are made by the Circle Coordinator (John Little) based on a rotated pairing of Coaches and those coached.

3. You are providing an opportunity for others to learn and improve.

Both Coaches and Clients benefit. This means you may have a coach who is less experienced than you or who doesn't specialize in the area you wish to be coached.

4. Those being coached decide the coaching focus or topic.

5. We commit to coach 8 hours through the round, and to be coached for 8 hours through the round. Sessions can be any length and frequency as long as it suits the Coach/Client relationship and as long as 8 hours are "billed".

6. Your coaching must be conducted under the ICF Code of Ethics and you should endeavor to follow the ICF Core Competencies .

7. Legal stuff:

1. By participating in the Coaching Circle, you understand and agree that any information, concept, insight, idea, suggestion and/or advice learned or gleaned as a result of your coaching experience is intended to be general information with respect to common life issues and is offered in good faith.

2. Any decisions you make, any actions you take, and any consequences thereof are your own. You will not hold your Coach or ICF Long Island, Inc. responsible in any way for any decisions, actions, or consequences relating either directly or indirectly from the coaching received.

3. Under no circumstances will you hold your Coach or ICF Long Island, Inc. liable for any aspect or result of your coaching experience. You agree to assume full responsibility and to indemnify and hold harmless your Coach and ICF Long Island, Inc. for any loss or cost incurred by you or any person or entity related to or associated with you as a result of your coaching experience.


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