Conflict of Interest Statements

All Officers and Directors of ICF–LI and Board-appointed Advisors are expected to execute the following Conflict of Interest Policy on an annual basis and comply with its terms.

ICF-Long Island Conflict of Interest Policy

We recognize that occasions may arise where a member of the Board of Directors, an Officer of the Chapter, a Board-appointed Advisor or one of their immediate family members (hereinafter, “Interested Party”) has, or may appear to be in a position to have, a direct or indirect financial or personal benefit arising out of a situation, contract or transaction (hereinafter, the “Matter”) upon which action is to be taken or withheld by the Board of Directors of ICF—LI or a committee thereof. It is the policy of this Chapter to avoid any such conflict, appearance of conflict or other impropriety.

In the event there is such a Matter, it must be disclosed in good faith to the Board of Directors as soon as it is discovered.  The Board will evaluate the circumstances and decide on how to proceed.  The Interested Party may participate in the information-gathering stage of the Board of Directors’ discussion, but shall retire from the room in which the Board of Directors is meeting and shall not participate in or attempt to influence the final deliberation or decision regarding the Matter.  If the Interested Party is a voting member of the Board of Directors, he or she may not vote on the Matter but may be counted toward quorum requirements at any meeting where the Board takes action with respect to the Matter. Unless the Matter is in violation of applicable law, the Board, after its thorough review, may authorize the Matter if it reasonably finds that the Matter is fair, reasonable and in the best interests of the Chapter.

The Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors shall reflect (a) that the conflict of interest, potential conflict or appearance of conflict or other impropriety was disclosed, (b) that the Interested Party was not present during the final discussion or vote of the Board of Directors, and (c) that the Board reasonably believes that transaction is legal, fair, reasonable and in the best interests of the Chapter.

A conflict of interest disclosure statement shall be furnished to the Board by each Director, Officer, and Board-appointed Advisor upon election (or appointment in the case of appointees) and annually thereafter.  The disclosure statements shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors or by a committee thereof.

Approved November 19, 2013


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