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Aligning our Membership Year with ICF Global

  • Membership Year will run APRIL - MARCH.
  • ICF Members no longer pay an Activity Fee.
  • Activity Fee for Renewing Affiliates is discounted to  $49.
  • Use the discount code: RENEW49 when you pay.
  • Activity Fee for New Affiliates and Students will be prorated.
We have aligned our Membership Year with ICF Global.Starting in 2021 our 
Membership Year will run from  April 1 to March 31. We will continue to offer the same 2-month grace period .

This affects Affiliates and Student Affiliates since renewal is due SEP 1, 2020. For renewals and new applications the fee will be prorated for the 7 months SEP'20 - MAR'21. We are also offering a one-time discount for those who wish to  extend their renewal or new application through Mar 31, 2022. See details below.

Three Membership Levels

Member Level

Any member of ICF Global who has designated Long Island as their home chapter will enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities as full Members of the Chapter.

We will no longer charge an additional Activity Fee to our ICF Members. 

You will not need to pay an Activity Fee in September.

Renewal is automatic when you renew with ICF Global

When you renew your ICF Global membership in APR 2021.  If your ICF Membership lapses your Chapter membership will also lapse. We will follow ICF's practice of extending a renewal grace period (typically 2 months without loss of benefits).

New ICF Members are automatically Chapter Members
The first time you join ICF for  or designate ICF Long Island as your chapter you will be added to our system as well. When we have you added we will notify you at the email address you used on your ICF Global application.

We update our ICF membership rolls weekly so new members should receive notice within a week.

Affiliate level

Affiliates are those who are not members of ICF but who want to be regularly involved in our chapter and receive discounts for events and other benefits. There is an $84 Annual Activity Fee for Affiliates.

Special 7-Month Prorated Fee
In SEP 2020 the Annual Activity Fee due for new and renewing Affiliates is $49  for the 7 months SEP-MAR'2021 and prorated by month thereafter. 

After the 2 month grace period, membership will lapse and a new application will be required to resume your Affiliate Benefits

Special Discount to Extend Through 2022

We are offering a discount to new and renewing Affiliates who wish to pay now to extend their membership  SEP'2020 through MAR'2022. The Discount Price is $71 instead of $84. This offer is available through Jan 31, 2021.  After that the Fee will be the full $84 for the year ending  Mar 31, 2022. (This provides Feb and/or Mar as no cost.)

Student Affiliate Level

Student Affiliates are those who are currently enrolled in a degree program at a college or university. They have the same benefits as Affiliates with a discounted Activity Fee of $48 for the year. 

We offer Students the same type of discount.

$68 for SEP'2020 - MAR-2022, or
$28 for SEP-MAR then renew in APR'2021 at $48  for APR'2021-MAR'2022./

ICF Colleagues - members from other ICF Chapters are invited to our events at member prices.

ICF Colleagues are ICF Members from other chapters. We invite our ICF Colleagues to attend our Chapter events for the  same discounted fees as our Chapter Members. Just enter your ICF Chapter Name when you register.

Affiliate Renewal

Getting the 7-month discount

Current Affiliates will renew for 7 months SEP - MAR. The Activity Fee for that time is $49.

To pay that reduced Fee  you must use a discount code. This  will reduce the full $84 fee by $35.

Renewals are done through your Profile.  You'll find the Discount Code  Prompt at the very bottom of your profile.

When you renew, be sure to scroll to the bottom of your Profile and enter this discount code: RENEW49

 If you don't you'll be charged the full $84 Fee.

Extending you membership an additional year for a 15% discount

When you renew on or before OCT 31, 2020 you will also see an option to extend your membership through MAR 31, 2022 for an additional $71 dollars.

If you want to take advantage of that just choose that option.

New Affiliate and Student Affiliates

New affiliate memberships are  prorated base on the month you join.
Extending your membership an additional year for a 15% discount

Those who join on or before FEB 1, 2021 will have the option to extend their membership through MAR 31, 2022 for an additional $71 dollars (Affiliates) or $40  (Students).

Membership Update

70 Members     -     4 Affiliates

As of SEP 24, 2020

New Members This year

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