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JAN Monthly - A Practical Approach to Integrating ICF Ethics into your Coaching”

  • 01/28/2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The Winter Brown Bag Webinar

Setting the Groundwork for 2020 –
A Practical Approach to Integrating ICF Ethics into your Coaching

George Nuthu, PCC

CCE = 1.0

ICF Long Island Charter Chapter invites you to an interactive exploration of the ICF’s new Code of Ethics led virtually by George Nuthu, Global Chair of the inaugural ICF Dispute Resolution Panel and Co-Leader of the ICF’s Global Ethics Community of Practice. George Nuthu is a Leadership Coach and Consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has over 15 years of accomplishments in Leadership Development, ranging from leadership training, mentoring, and coaching leaders. As a trained lawyer and church minister, he understands the intrigues and behavior of human nature, thus qualifying him to effectively stir, support, and service his clients to reach their desired goals. George is a seasoned, educated leader and certified coach with a proven record of boosting the performance of leaders he has coached, mentored and trained. He is an inspiring coach who delivers outstanding performance results and superb rapport with a “safe-and-secure” manner and a professional image and presence. 

Join us to learn how the interpretation of the Ethics Code can be used to increase the value of our everyday work with clients. Through the use of case studies, we will be able to experience the practical application of the Ethics Code.

Key discussion points from the event are:

  • How ICF’s values determined the parameters for ICF’s Code of Ethics
  • Consideration of cultural differences concerning ethics
  • Complexities of confidentiality in rapidly growing technological societies
  • Challenges facing coaches within organizations. For example, the coach is ultimately responsible for upholding confidentiality/privacy — what happens when non-ICF support staff has access to the information?
  • Expectations of ICF coaches when fellow coaches are not representing their credentials truthfully
  • Discussion around coaching session ethical dilemmas

When you register for the event please take advantage of this unique opportunity to share an ethical dilemma or question from your Coaching Practice for George to address during the live webinar. Thank you. 


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