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The 3 Brains Technique - Unlocking Insights into (Head, Heart and Gut) Brain Coaching

  • 02/16/2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Online Meeting
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February Monthly Meeting

The 3 Brains Technique - Unlocking Insights into (Head, Heart and Gut) Brain Coaching

Why is it important to know about the 3 Brains when you coach clients especially in these times of COVID, working remotely and with daily fear and hopelessness being broadcasted?

How is it possible that when our clients formulate their objectives and actions plans, even when they know that they are reasonable and doable they do not consistently follow them up? 

How is it possible that they detour somewhere down the line or “yes, but…” steps in? 

Why is their subconscious blocking the things they want to achieve and more importantly: Is there a way out of their subconscious maze? 

 What is the answer? 3 (Head, Heart and Gut) Brain Coaching! 

Learning the language of the Head, Heart and Gut Brain and the 5 misalignments they could have, will provide you with the insights of how your client’s 3 Brains are dealing with the topic, and more importantly, it will provide you the insights/techniques to work with them to achieve long lasting change.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to make a genuine connection with another person even when we are online. (Core Competencies:  Establishing the Coaching Agreement & Coaching Presence & Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client)
  • How we can distinguish which of the 3 Brains is connected to the topic the client is discussing, an insight in 3 Brains language. The science behind the three Brains—our Head, Heart and Gut—and how they work.
  • How our 3 brains are in charge of our emotions and decisions and consequently of our health and wellness.
Christoffel Sneijders, PCC

Approved by ICF for these CCEUs.

.75 Core Competency  
.25 Resource

Our Speaker

Christoffel Sneijders


My passion is to bring out the best in people, and to assist them in making a positive change so that they can work and live with passion, performance, and happiness. 

I am intensely curious about how our mind/body/spirit connection works and how that relates to our (personal) leadership, and our relationships with others. 

Nowadays I work internationally: in Spain, for the IE business school, I am an associate professor in behavioral organizational leadership; in Australia I work as a clinical hypnotherapist and I run a recognized school in this area; and in both Europe and Australia I work as an executive coach. 

Working with so many people in a direct way has given me amazing insight into the ways in which we are similar, how we differ in our (personal) leadership, happiness and suffering, and how we can attain healthy success by creating an environment of integrated Head, Heart and Gut Brain connection.


  • Executive coaching / mentoring / counselling,
  • Individual and Team Leadership Development in Organisations
  • Facilitation of processes of cultural change
  • Delivering the ICF accredited training: 3 Brains Coach Certification 
  • Trainer at Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP
  • Author of the book: “How Men and Women Fit, Finally Understand your Partner with the 3 Brains Theory” 


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