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  • “Positive Intelligence & Mental Fitness - A New “Operating System” to Boost Your Coaching Success”

“Positive Intelligence & Mental Fitness - A New “Operating System” to Boost Your Coaching Success”

  • 03/16/2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Online Meeting
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March Monthly Meeting

Positive Intelligence & Mental FitnessA New “Operating System” to Boost Your Coaching Success

Presented by   Barbara Fonti

 Positive Intelligence (PI) is the ability to turn every obstacle and challenge into a gift or opportunity. Research shows that Positive Intelligence is the key to better success at work and in relationships. It produces higher revenues, better health, and longevity.

Unfortunately, 80% of people score below the minimum level of PI for peak performance and happiness. Our current culture and world, riddled with uncertainty, stress and worry, only exacerbates the problem.

Here’s the good news. Thanks to research and breakthroughs in neuroscience, you can now rewire your brain for optimal success. With simple, mind exercises, you can strengthen your performance muscles. We call this Mental Fitness and it can benefit you and your clients.

In this session, you will: 

  • Learn the Positive Intelligence Operating System based on the best-selling book by Shirzed Chamine, CEO of Coaches Training Institute (CTI); 
  • Gain access to two assessments that

1) reveal how well you are performing relative to your potential, and
2) uncover what might be holding you back or sabotaging your success;

  •  Learn how to intercept the things that self-sabotage your well-being;
  •  Strengthen your self-command muscle for turning challenges into opportunities;
  •  Discover untapped productive powers of the mind;
  •  Explore opportunities to use Mental Fitness in your coaching practice for better outcomes.

Approved by ICF for CCEU.

1.0 CCEU Core Competency 

Our Speaker

Barbara Fonti


Barbara Fonti is a member of ICF – Long Island Chapter. She is a holistic business coach who helps entrepreneurs build their businesses with ease and flow, rather than stress and worry.  Barbara is the owner of Big Dream Executive Coaching and has over 25 years’ experience as a prosperous entrepreneur, trainer and sales coach. She is a public speaker who has accelerated the careers of thousands of professionals.  Barbara is a pioneer in the field of Positive Intelligence. Working with an international client base, she helps ambitious people meet their goals, motivated by positive emotion.


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