The Summer 2020 Newsletter


Trillium Fox, ACC
President of the ICF Long Island Chapter

Greetings ICF-Long Island Community,

The days are getting shorter and the breeze cooler, signaling a season change. The end of summer brings the promise of crisp fall mornings, beautiful foliage, pumpkin-spiced everything, and the thrill of a new ICF-LI programming year!

During the peak of summer, we on the ICF-LI Board had the opportunity to come together for a socially-distanced outdoor planning meeting to prepare for the ’20-‘21 programming year, and there is a lot to be excited about! In the articles below you will find more about what we have accomplished this summer, and what we have planned in the coming months. 

I look forward to reconnecting with all of you, and continuing to deliver on our mission to: Provide an inclusive community for Long Island’s Professional Coaches to connect, learn and grow, while also enhancing the visibility, value, and credibility of professional coaching throughout our region as guided by ICF standards.

The ICF-LI Community is an important network to support each other and those of us on the Board are passionate about our volunteer roles. They allow us to enhance our leadership capabilities, grow and nurture our networks, and build deeper understanding of our industry trends.  Interested? We are always looking to welcome passionate volunteers at any commitment level, and there are many areas to be of service to the chapter like membership, diversity and inclusion, and programming.  Please email me,, to start the conversation.

Warm wishes for an amazing ’20-’21 Programming Year!

Trillium Fox

President, ICF-LI


Tim Finnegan, ACC
ICF-LI Chapter Secretary

Get Involved

In 1997, International Coach Federation – Long Island Chapter (ICF-LI) was founded by a group of executive, business, and personal coaches. It was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 2001. 

Our mission is to provide a community for Long Island’s Professional Coaches to connect, learn and grow, while also enhancing the visibility, value, and credibility of professional coaching throughout our region as guided by ICF standards.

In compliance with the ICF-LI by-laws and election process, a Nomination and Election Committee was appointed in August 2020 by the Chapter President for the purpose of recommending to the Chapter Board a slate of board candidates for 2021-23.

One board vacancy at this time is Director of Public Relations. This individual manages the publications, marketing, advertising, public relations, community outreach, and advocacy efforts of the chapter.

If you’ve ever considered becoming more involved with ICF now is the time to step forward. You can play a vital role in influencing how our community here on Long Island is shaped to ensure the continued growth of our Chapter. If you have any questions or are interested in joining the ICF Long Island Chapter board of directors, please contact Tim Finnegan, Chapter Secretary at

Marc Miller, ACC & Maria Jackson, ACC
ICF-LI Past-President & Treasurer

Partnership in the Community

As a chapter, ICF-LI would like to continue to give back to the communities we live in and serve. One way that we have done this, and hope to continue to do more of in the future, is by providing pro bono coaching to motivated and deserving members of our local communities.

Earlier this year, during the first week of May, ICF-LI celebrated International Coaching Week by creating a pro bono coaching initiative for local not-for-profit organizations here on Long Island. A contingent of our ICF-LI coaches volunteered their time and expertise to provide at least three free coaching sessions to interested staff members and clients of two very worthy local organizations. This program proved to be highly successful, providing great value to the clients receiving our coaching, and allowing us, the coaches, to feel good about helping these members of the Long Island community.

In June, ICF-LI partnered with 1010 Wins and BNB Bank to provide the top 10 entries of their $10,000 Small Business Challenge, with three 1:1 pro-bono coaching sessions after their June 4, 2020 Challenge event. 

This was made possible by the generosity of our chapter members. Several of you volunteered to provide your time and talent to support this initiative, and we are extremely grateful!

Looking ahead, as we all continue to face the challenges associated with the Covid19 pandemic (and other sources of stress), ICF-LI is interested in continuing and perhaps expanding our commitment to providing pro bono coaching services:

  • To members of our community who serve the community by working in not-for-profit organizations.

  • To individuals who might be motivated to seek coaching but who cannot afford to pay a fee at this time of economic crisis.

For the ICF-LI Pro Bono Coaching Program to become a reality, we first need to establish a contingent of ICF-LI coaches to volunteer some of their time to provide their coaching services on a pro bono basis. If you are interested in making this commitment, please contact Marc Miller at, or, call 516-835-5977. In addition, during this coming Fall, 1010 Wins and BNB Bank will be co-sponsoring a similar contest to the one held this past June. Again, ICF-LI would like to offer pro bono coaching sessions to the winners. If you would like to learn more about volunteering for this event, please call Maria Jackson at (516) 359-9430 or, email

Diane Lewis, ACC & Dara Dweck, ACC
ICF-LI Co-Programming Directors

Hope you all had a restful summer! We were so happy to stay connected (while still having a bit of downtime) through our Coach Connections and our Summer Social/Program exploring Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies. Thanks to all of you who stayed connected with us!

For our first Fall program, we are excited to partner with Lyssa deHart. As an ICF MCC Coach, Lyssa will use her understanding of the ICF core competencies and knowledge of . 

neuroscience to lead us in a program discovering the value of using metaphors during our coaching engagements This will be an interactive session where we will discuss how metaphors that your clients bring forward have the power to unlock their awareness and gain new insights. Please check our new website at for more information on the program.

Coach Connections will also continue through the remainder of the year giving all of us an opportunity to share experiences, network and seek peer coaching on current challenges.

As always, we are open to hearing your feedback as well as ideas for future programs. Please feel free to send us a note to Hope to see you at our upcoming programs.

John Little, ACC
ICF-LI Membership Directo

We launched our new website in July.  It’s the same url:

Underneath the new “look” there is an integrated system that provides many features to help us serve you better. As a board, we have been exploring ways to increase the visibility of our coaches and to make it easier for all to participate in our chapter.

We chose the Wild Apricot platform - an integrated solution providing website, event calendar, membership/contact database, and email system - because it enabled us to accomplish much of this while at the same time reducing our admin tasks and costs.  

For Members and Affiliates:

1) ICF Members are added to our Chapter when you register/renew with ICF Global.

2) Affiliates will now be able register, renew and pay your Annual Activity Fee online.

3) You can maintain a full profile and tell others about yourself and your coaching practice.

4) The Find-A -Coach feature allows visitors to view and search for our ICF Member Coaches by specific criteria.

5) Our Member Directory provides a similar capability across all Members and Affiliates.

6) You can track your emails, registrations, payments and membership online.

Online Event Calendar:

    Now you can view, register, and pay for upcoming events on the site. You can look back to past events as well. After you register for an event and pay, you will get a confirmation email, and reminder emails prior to the event. Should you need to, you can cancel your registration online prior to the event.

    Wild Apricot’s Member App:

    The app is available for all Members, Affiliates and Contacts. If you have registered on our website you can use the Member App to:

    1)   View, register, and pay for upcoming events

    2)   View your current event registrations and payments

    3)   View and search for Chapter members

    4)   Update your personal profile

    Active non-member contacts - you are all still in our email list as well. If you were getting our emails before the new website, we kept you on our list. We value your participation and we want to stay in touch with you.

    We made some important changes to our Membership Policy, as well.

    1) Global ICF Members no longer pay a local Annual Activity Fee of $75.00 to the Chapter.

    2) ICF Members from other chapters get the same prices for events as our ICF Members.

    3) We have a new member category:Student Affiliate  

    4) Chapter Fees were changed:

    • Affiliates - $84/yr
    • Student Affiliates - $48/yr
    5) Please note, we are aligning our Membership Year with the Global ICF Membership Year which is from APR – MAR.

      There are more details on the website. We invite you to take a look, login, fill out your profile and be visible to other members, contacts, and visitors who may be looking for a coach.


      Jeffrey S. Damm, CPC
      Founder & Coach, Uptrend Coaching

      What is Crypto-Coaching?

      In a world saturated with information, I wondered to myself why I was so excited and curious about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  I asked myself this question when the feeling that I might get rich quickly had passed, yet my interest continued to grow.  I came to a simple conclusion – Bitcoin gave me a choice.  A choice to use a new tool for managing my wealth outside of a system that is constantly influenced by outside sources, many times not in my own best interest.

      Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, to me, are technologies which allows me to move towards being more of a sovereign individual.

      This year is showing us the importance of moving towards being more self-reliant, regardless of outside influences.  We live in a world where we might be told we are not allowed to work and learn in the ways we are accustomed to. We have been expected to quickly adapt to our roles as parents, teachers, students, business owners, workers, etc.

      I work with my clients to create a lens that allows them to sift through the excess of information. To find the personally relevant opportunities that can create new choices, possibilities, and hopefulness about their future.  Using these new perspectives and insights, we create goals and turn thoughts into actions in recreating our lives and mindsets as we move into the future.

      Many of us feel like we do not have as many choices, or as much freedom, as we would like.  We settle for the status-quo, we stay in our lane, and play it “safe.”  These traditional “safe” choices aren’t what they used to be, especially now with the understanding that a pandemic can appear out of nowhere and stop the machine in its tracks, leaving many of us to rely on the State to survive.

      Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming a tool to use to shield us from these events.  A “port in the storm.”  This has helped to inspire me to support people in learning how cryptocurrencies can potentially help them, and how to bring the concept of taking more individual responsibility to other areas of our lives.

      Have you considered what choices might be available for you, and how can you move towards a future that is more reliant on yourself than it is on the events and actions taking place in the outside world?

      Welcome to the world of crypto coaching!


      Beth Granger
      LinkedIn Local - Long Island Host

      What have I been up to since I spoke
      at ICF-LI in November 2019?

      The changes we have all faced since March have made people realize they need to work differently, and it has actually helped my business grow. I am very grateful that this is the case for me, knowing it is not the case for everyone. During that first week at home in March, a former client called and said, “Remember us? We hired you to speak at our sales meeting last summer. Can you do the same talk virtually, next week, and for the same fee?” Of course, my answer was “yes”.

      I had my 50th episode and the one-year anniversary of going Live on LinkedIn, introducing my network to fascinating people through 1/2-hour conversations. To celebrate, one of my previous guests, Jeff Goldberg (a sales trainer and sales manager) interviewed me about what I had learned. Realizing I knew all these amazing people that had been guests, but didn’t all know each other, I held a private networking event for all of them.

      I also got my eSpeakers Virtual Presenter Certification. It is awarded to speakers that have demonstrated their ability to present virtually using video conferencing software. This gives additional confidence to event planners that their events will run smoothly, even if remote.

      I have also added services, due to requests from clients:

      • Producing, coaching, and emceeing of virtual events: Not everyone was already comfortable hosting online events or networking groups. I have helped people get comfortable making their virtual events just as engaging as they could have been in person.
      • Group LinkedIn programs: People are realizing that even if their company won’t pay for it, or they are a solopreneur, they need to find new ways to do what they used to do in person. I have been running group programs which are more cost-effective.

      • Content coaching: New clients approached me needing help with using content to stay in front of their network and wanted to do it strategically. I hadn't thought of offering this before.

      • Launching soon... a membership program: I’m excited, and perhaps a little nervous, about launching a membership program. It will include regular live sessions to keep current, be coached on specific issues, and bring in guest speakers related to prospecting and networking.

      • Lastly, I’m excited to be launching a new council of the networking/business development group. Ten years ago, I was looking for a job, and little did I know, I was starting a business. It’s called American Business Associates and the group starts in September.

      While these past few months especially have been more of a roller-coaster than ever, I am grateful for some of the things I have discovered, been reminded of, or started doing:

      • I used to work all the time, including, nights and weekends. Since March, I typically stop work at dinner time, step away from the computer, and make dinner for my family. The same is true for weekends. Plus, I have been eating healthier and notice an increase in my energy.

      • I have been reminded of how important our communities are. People who have supportive groups, like my ABA networking group, or groups in their community, are getting through this time much better than those who do not.

      All challenges are also opportunities, and I am so grateful to have been able to find them and hope you have been able to do the same.


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